Our NEW devotional series commences this coming Sunday (3rd May).  


Week 1         No ordinary World           “I have overcome the world” – John 16 v 33

Week 2         No ordinary Way              Jesus said “I am the Way” -  John 14 v 6

Week 3         No ordinaryWords          “We have never heard anyone speak like this” – John 7 v 46

Week 4         No ordinary Wealth         “Store your treasures in Heaven” – Matt 6 v 20


Week 5         No ordinary Walk             “Walk in a manner worthy of the calling” – Ephesians 4 v 1

Week 6         No ordinary Work            “Go into all the World and preach the Gospel”- Mark 16 v 15



This weekend marks 20 years in our current building. The previous prefabricated concrete dwelling was demolished in 1999, a building that had been the home of the 'Gospel Hall' for several decades.

The opening of the old building even made it into the local newspaper, and with a build cost of £1600 its a huge reminder of how times have changed since then.

The Elders of the 'Gospel Hall' at the time of the opening ceremony were Mr.J.Watts, Mr.H.Windle, Mr. G.W.Lamb and  Mr.L.Waterhouse.  The congregation had previously been meeting in a building of wood construction on Wakefield Road.

Moving into temporary accomodation for several months while the building works took place, the church excitedly awaited the completion of the 'new' building.

Designed by Architect Ian Cant (Scothall Christian Fellowship) and built by local builder David North the current structure has now been our home for twenty years.

Twenty years that have seen the church grow in number, receive countless blessings and continue to connect with the local community.

The testimony of those who founded the fellowship in Ossett continues to this day, and our primary aim remains that of sharing the good news of the Gospel. We thank and praise God for all that He has given us, for the building He has provided us with and the people who gather there each week.


COVID-19 [Statement]

Further to the government update on Monday regarding Covid-19, and having considered the advice from other Church organisations, we have reluctantly decided to suspend all services and activities at Dale Street Evangelical Church for the foreseeable future, in order to protect those at risk and for the good of the community.

At this stage we are still working out the plans for the coming weeks, however it is our intention to provide regular sermons and devotional thoughts on Sunday mornings, which people will be able to access through the DSEC website. Details will follow shortly, and we will keep you informed of other ways we can engage.

Please note that DSEC isn't closing - our aims remain unchanged: pointing people to the Lord Jesus and growing together in our faith and love for our God - but we are going to have to do church in different way over the coming weeks.

We want to be those who continue to love, support and pray for one another during this period, particularly recognising the challenges of isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

Whilst we are limited in doing this face to face, we can find creative alternatives, by phone, text, e-mail or other ways.., so let's be proactive in supporting one another.

Please let us know if you or someone else needs help in any way, and we will try and find ways to do this. In the first instance, send a request to the church e-mail address or contact one of the leaders by phone.

The Leaders are continuing to monitor the situation closely, and please be assured that we will update you on any future plans or changes. Please visit the website regularly to see notifications and updates,

and if you have any concerns, please contact one of the Leaders directly.

We are called in these times not to live in fear but to walk in faith, trusting our wise and loving heavenly Father.

2 Timothy 1 v 7: For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of Power and Love.

Therefore, let's all engage in prayer, remembering to keep “looking up” to our faithful Heavenly Father, as well as “looking around” to see how we can bless and support one another, and our neighbours in these uncertain days.

Let's keep encouraging one another!

James, Geoff, Dave & Paul



Our NEW devotional series commences this coming Sunday (22nd March).

[UPDATE] - We would like to continue with this new series but in light of the above statement and the current situation the format of these may vary from week to week.  


Week 1. The promise of Rest. Matthew 11 v 28-30

Week 2. The promise of Peace. Philippians 4 v 6-7

Week 3. The promise of Wisdom. James 1 v 2-5

Week 4. The promise of Grace. 2 Corinthians 12 v 9

Week 5. The promise of Provision. Malachi 3 v 8-12

Week 6. The promise of Forgiveness. 1 John 1 v 5-10